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For your convenience we have two payment options: a SIGNED COPY mailed out by me, or an unsigned copy via Amazon.

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The Caterpillar Girl

When it comes to growing up in a small town, especially Maine, there are two types of people. There are those who can't wait to get out. Those are the ones who need to spread their wings and search for greener pastures. That would be Amanda Kendrick. As far back as I remember, she wanted to be an actress. Whether it was film, TV, theater, or even commercials, Amanda had high aspirations of achieving her goals.

        The other type of people are those who have no real desire to leave. They're content living, working, and dying all in their hometown. I suppose that would be me, Sam Calhoun. I'm not opposed to take a vacation or to travel here and there, but other than that, I like it here. My family is here, my friends are still here, and I'm very content helping run and eventually own my family's diner. I guess the only problem is, somewhere along the way, we both fell madly in love with one another. And therein lies the rub.

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* Trilogy Special *
Signed Paperback copies of 
All 3 Medillia's Lament 

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8 x 10 PRINT 
Black Matted
with Backing Board

11 x 14 x .75 CANVAS Print
with UV fade resistant lamination
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Medillia's Lament III - The Path That Leads Back Home


For the final book of the trilogy, the magic and mystery of Applewood are revisited in new and unexpected ways. The story takes place 6 years after the first book ended, and it reunites John and Kevin with their hippy-chick shrink, Hope. One by one, they all end up back in Applewood for a not-so chance encounter. Familiar faces from Book 2  return and help the brothers discover not only more details about the plane crash, but about the Dark Waters as well.


Hope struggles to remember the week she spent in Applewood with her father 30 years earlier. Eventually, as the Dark Waters inch closer to the island, the pieces fall into place,

and all is revealed.

Everything happens for a reason… even if we can’t see it at the time.

Dark Waters Mockup 1 No Background.png
  Medillia's Lament II - The Dark Waters

      Medillia’s Lament isn’t the only folklore Applewood, Maine is known for. The area known as the Dark Waters is one of the island’s oldest, yet least talked about legends. The Native Americans believe it is where the Evil Spirit dwells, and it is said that only a special and gifted person can see it. In the spring of 1981, Hope Simmons was that person. The Dark Waters is the highly anticipated follow up to Medillia’s Lament and serves as the perfect bridge to what will eventually be the final book of the trilogy. Sometimes you need to revisit the past to understand the future.

ML mockup 2NB.png
  Medillia's Lament 

Medillia’s Lament is a sad yet beautiful tale of loss, despair, and regret. Eventually, the setting shifts from Chicago to a small island in Maine, and it is there, with a little help of some magical realism, the story becomes one of hope and second chances. And ultimately, it becomes a story about believing that maybe, just maybe, things really do happen for a reason.                                                                       

ROS mockup NB1.png
"The Ring on the Sill"
Book three - The Soundtrack To My Life trilogy

 Every summer has a story…

From mix tapes to heartbreaks ~ from friends coming and going ~ to the elusive pursuit of finding “it” ~The Soundtrack to My Life trilogy continues to be a creative blend of fact and fiction, drawn from my many memories growing up in York Beach, Maine.

The final book takes place between 2003 & 2004, which were quite possibly the most emotional and impactful summers yet; not just for Josh, but for ALL three of our main characters.


BHG mockup NB2.png
"Between Hello and Goodbye"
Book two - The Soundtrack To My Life trilogy

     The Soundtrack to my Life trilogy is a creative blend of fact and fiction, drawn from my many memories of growing up in York Beach, Maine. The small seaside town continues to be the perfect backdrop for this lighthearted trilogy. Four years removed from "The Empty Beach," this book takes place in the summer of 1999, where music continues to provide a nostalgic soundtrack to my life, my moods, & my constant pursuit of finding “it."

     By the time 1999 rolled around, many of my friends had moved on from the beach life.

Most were married – some with kids – almost all with successful careers. For me, all of those boxes still remained unchecked, and to make matters worse, I was on the verge of turning the dreaded 30. I was depressed, jaded, and beaten down by the black cloud known as my life. It is said that 1999 was my “woe is me” summer. This was more or less true, with the exception of two weeks and the arrival of Anna Jensen from Iowa. It would be two amazing weeks that would change my life forever.

EB mockup NB2.png
"The Empty Beach"
Book one - The Soundtrack To My Life trilogy


       Every summer has a story…  The Soundtrack To My Life trilogy is a blend of fact and fiction and is drawn from my many memories growing up in York Beach, Maine. The trilogy spans the course of three separate summers beginning in 1995 with book one - “The Empty Beach.” Although a lot of the characters, conversations, and scenes really existed, this trilogy is definitely a work of fiction… steeped in truth.


     The small seaside town of York, Maine is the perfect backdrop for this lighthearted novel. Like most people, music has always been a huge influence on my life, on my moods, and on my attempt at finding love. From my close friends - to my summer romances - and all the crazy shenanigans in between, music not only highlights these memories, but provides a nostalgic soundtrack for the highs and lows of growing up and growing apart.  It’s been said, there hasn’t been a girl who I’ve had a crush on that I haven’t made a mix tape for… the guarded Elise Carlile in the summer of ’95 was no exception.

WIR mockup 3 NB2.png
The Wild Irish Rose


    Sometimes you have to get completely lost to find your way back home. After being kicked out at 17, Emily McLoughlin moved to Boston and never looked back. She learned to survive by adopting a sarcastic and aloof demeanor. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll, quickly became her lifestyle. It wasn’t until Emily found out that her little sister was in the hospital for her second go-around with cancer that she knew she needed to change her ways and find her way home. By now, her mother and sister had moved from Massachusetts to the backwoods of Maine.


     With its cast of eclectic characters, the nearly forgotten town of Pine Ridge provides the perfect backdrop for Emily’s journey of forgiveness and healing., The old adage -Don’t judge a book by its cover was never more true than when the jaded, dressed-all-in-black-girl from Boston arrived in moose and Moxie country. This simple, heartfelt, and at times humorous story, is not only an ode to small-town Maine, but to small-town America as well.

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Livin' on a Prayer - The Untold Tommy & Gina Story

​   Ah, the 80’s anthem by Bon Jovi. The story of Tommy and Gina; two kids fighting the odds as they just try to give it a shot. In this story, however, Tommy doesn’t work on a dock, and Gina doesn’t work the diner all day. Every town has their own Tommy and Gina story, and this unique tale takes place in the seaside town of York, Maine and hilariously flows from the 80s to the present day.
  This is not a Chicken Soup for the soul type story. But, like soup, it contains many ingredients. Start with a ½ pot of Tommy: a Bon Jovi, hairband-loving burnout. Add a ½ pot of Gina: a dressed-in-black, Cure-loving alterna-chick. Mix in plenty of 80’s references then bring to a boil and stir. Add a splash of tragedy with a hint of that could never happen, could it? Sprinkle in a doctor who resembles Christopher Walken and who may or may not be in the mafia. Next, season with a little Mexican sidekick, a tablespoon of tenderness, and a splash of a naughty Zumba instructor. At this point the mixture will stiffen. Finally, add 3 full cups of redemption, true love, and happily ever after! Garnish with yoga pants.
  In all seriousness, this book is a super-silly comedy, but with a big heart, and although it might be slightly more appreciated if you’re from the 80’s, it’s definitely not a requirement. It’s a fun, easy read that will keep you smiling the whole way though.

cover pic for fb.jpg
York Beach - Through the Eyes of a Child
A family's first ever trip to York Beach, Maine for the weekend as seen through the eyes of a kid.
A children's book for adults.
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Nubble Lighthouse Puzzle

Limited Edition Puzzle

11x14 inches -- 252 pieces
Owen Clark original drawing

front cover pic.png
The Nubble Lighthouse is special to me because...
A collection of Nubble Lighthouse drawings from kids
 ages 5-17, and written notes of why it's special to them!
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